After placing your order, is deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions, which are freely available at, you will receive a notification email with the details of your order and a description of the next steps in the process. 

Then our representative will contact you via phone or email to make this initial contact within the next 24 hours.

Additionally, you will receive an email confirmation from 2checkout indicating proof of payment.

We will deliver all the required files within the proper time according to your chosen package.

According to the client’s provided files and instructions, we will do the design, which can finalize either through private messages or by sending the files via email.

We will support a 3months backup after the delivery but do not guarantee after then. So please keep a backup for your records.

The original policy applies exclusively to the site and can be changed anytime without notifying the buyer.

For any issues with your order, you can text us or contact us via the contact below. Contact Details:

Phone: +8801818-300046

Email: [email protected]

Address: 653/1, Kabiraj Bari Road, Jhalokati, Barishal, Bangladesh