What is the logo? Logo is important for my company?

A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business. It represents a company’s history, values, or personality.

A logo could be used to promote public attention. It is the first step to making a great brand. A simple minimalist Logo can touch a client’s mind so first. It separates you from the crowd. Thus people feel easy to identify a brand. Logos thus play an important role between a company and its customers. Corporate logos have the potential to communicate and reinforce a brand’s core values and principles, which we call its symbolic success.

Our freshly Brand Designer can represent your company’s history, values, or personality through your appropriate logo.


Importance of a Logo

1.Identifies Main Keys to Business:
A good logo provides your customer with some crucial information about your company: it can communicate the industry you exist in, the service you provide, your target demographic, and your brand values.  Ford logo depicts reliability and affordability through the oval shape. The first car manufacturing company still has its founder’s name inscribed with the letter F and D to depict style. They could be reached people with their proper logo design.

2. Builds Brand Recognition:
Sometimes we can see that a logo is used as the main key to brand recognition. Think about Nike or Mcdonalds, whose logos are so simple but eye-catchy that they can be instantly recognized with or without the name attached. Because these logos are simple, attractive & memorable. So you can promote public attention to make your brand successful with an easy but meaningful logo.

3. Builds Trust Between The Brand & Customer:
An Iconic logo is the root of branding, which is very important for a commercial entity and can make a style follow their step. You can think about Zara’s logo. It appears everywhere, and you know what it is every time. Women can buy ladies’ accessories from them without any second thought. Because they have trust in Zara’s quality & fashion sense. They also have faith in Zara’s price range. Logos thus play an essential role in serving as a point of connection between a company and its customers.

4. Makes You Stand Out From the Competition:
A simple minimalist logo can touch a client’s mind so quickly. It separates you from the crowd and Fosters Brand Loyalty. Thus people feel easy to identify a brand. Before you get a logo for your business you’ll want to research what your competitors look like so you can position yourself. Check out how the Cactus Dental logo separates itself from the sea of cliche tooth logos in the dental industry by taking a feature unique to their geography and turning it into a toothbrush.


How should a Logo Design be ?

1. Memorable:
A Logo design should be memorable. If people can’t remember it, what’s the point of it?  Rolex logo portrays the meaning ‘exquisite’ in French. It considers owning a Rolex product as an achievement depicted by the crown in the logo. This logo is a symbol of prestige and luxury. So it is instantly recognizable, and memorable and instantly conveys the brand’s message.

2. Simple:
Simplicity is the best way to achieve the proper audience. So a logo should be simple to catch and understand.  Mitsubishi logo design shows 3 diamonds, representing reliability, success, and integrity. It signifies the meaning of the name by its components and structure. It’s simple but meaningful in all ways.

3. Versatile:
From websites to social media, to press releases, and huge billboard designs, logo design will be used across a huge range of platforms. So it is important to adjust your logo on any platform. Pepsi logo has a bunch of graphic design secrets behind it. The color code suggests the American color combination in the flag. But the placing has a lot to do with different concepts. So it can be used on any platform & can reach people in any way.

4. Appropriate:
Appropriateness is key. You should have a sense of the relationship between your business & logo design. Drug names, icons, names or signs could be used in their logo to represent their drug-related business. World famous drug companies GSK or JOHNSON & JOHNSON made their logo with the short form of the name. Because this type was appropriate for their thought & business policy. British Airways used a simple sign as their logo that represents their nationalism, business type & high-class service. This is called appropriateness.

5. Timeless:
Logo design trends are a surefire way to guarantee you need to redesign your logo next year. Therefore losing any brand equity or brand loyalty you’ve built with your customers. Coca-Cola’s logo has barely changed. Because it never goes out of date. It doesn’t follow trends. It’s consistent and therefore remains relevant. Walmart logo symbolizes a spark, inspiration, and other meanings attached to the chosen shape, color, and font of the logotype. The IBM logo is a symbol of progressive growth. Samsung logo bears an everlasting presence in the market, only like stars do in the sky. It also depicts power. These logos have timeless value in the market & people’s psychology.

6. With Proper Color:
Color is an important element of your logo design. Different colors communicate different things. Blue is used to communicate trust and a sense of “establishment” and that’s why this color is used in the financial sector. Green is often used for natural and organic products. It communicates growth, nature, development, the outdoors, and freshness. Google’s famous logos are unique. It uses color iterations and holds all primary colors. The “L” letter symbolizes ‘leader’ which is different and unique from the basic colors. Google is the only brand that has an ever-changing logo and this attribute makes it unique the brand value is well-depicted in the changing logos from their original logo.

Logo Design

Types of Logo

1.Wordmark Logo
Wordmark Logo is a popular type of logo form. It can give a sense of personality and ligatures with its easy readability.
Google, canon, Amazon, Samsung, Pepsi, HBO, Mobil, Nokia, and NETFLIX are some popular examples of Wordmark-type logo design.

2.Letter Logo
A letter logo is the best choice if your brand name is long and composed of more than two words. It can minimize the length by using the initials of each word and creating a group. In some cases, the letters will sound like a word. NASA, BBC, TNT, MAC, NPR, and H&M are some popular examples of Letter type logo designs.

3. Typography Logo
Typographic logos consist only of text, and it is usually the company’s name or its initials. Sometimes they may also contain some decorative elements, a brief tagline, or a symbol. Fiverr Pro is a successful example of a font duo being used in a typographic logo. The bold sans serif lowercase ‘Fiverr’ transmits confidence, whereas the script ‘Pro’ adds an extra touch of professionalism. Coca-Cola, amazon, and virgin are some popular examples of typography-type logo designs.

4. Iconic Logo
Symbol logo/ Pictorial logo/ Iconic logo is made up of graphics that visually represent the brand name or function. These can be icons, illustrations, or shape compositions that are instantly recognizable as something specific. Twitter, Shell, Dropbox, Apple, and playboy are some popular examples of Iconic or Symbol or Pictorial type logo design.

5. Combination Logo
You can go for an abstract logo, while others go for a text-based logo or literal representation of what their business is about.
In a combination logo, the visual component can be on top, to the side, or even below the wordmark. The best combination mark logos are the ones that can be used separately and still be 100% recognizable. With the combination of a logo mark & design, you can use a different concept behind them that can communicate something else. National, Geographic logo is simple but strong. The rectangle in yellow depicts the Sun which is a sign of knowledge and light and the shape of a door opening to a sea of knowledge in science, nature, culture, and reality. Pepsi, Adidas, Nike, MasterCard, NBC, Adobe, Walt Disney, WordPress, and tesla are some popular examples of combination mark-type logo design.

6. Monogram Logo
Monogram logos are similar to letter mark logos. But they do have a noticeable visual difference. Both logos use the initials of the brand name to make up the design, but monograms interlace the letters instead of having them side by side or top to bottom. A monogram logo works best with brand names that have no more than three words. Since the letters are intertwined with each other, it needs to stay legible and easy to understand. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, under armor, NY, Sly, KIM & GILL are some popular examples of Monogram type logo designs.

7. Letterform Logo
A letterform logo is another type of logo that includes letters but with highlighted only one letter. This style of logo is perfect for brands that appreciate simplicity. In this type of design, it’ll need a high dose of personality and form. Unilever, McDonalds’’, and Figma are some popular examples of Letterform type logo design.

8. Emblem Logo
Emblems make great labels, pins, bottle tops, or anything where the logo needs to fit in a small space. An emblem can be as simple as a couple of icons and a letter mark inside an interesting shape, or as complicated as a custom illustration with a lot of detail. STELLA ARTOIS, NFL, ALFA ROMEO, and PORSCHE are some popular examples of Emblem-type logo designs.

9. Letters inside shape logos
Similar to an emblem but not quite are the logos that are words inside shapes. The difference between them is the level of complexity. You could say that an emblem is to a combination mark what a letter inside a shape is to a wordmark. Domino’s Pizza, ford, NISSAN, Pfizer, LEVI’S, and LEGO are some of the popular examples of Letters inside shape type logo design.

10. Negative Space Logo
Think about when and where your logo will be applied, and test it in those scenarios. You can leave a secret sign in your logo which we named the context logo. You can rename it like a negative space logo also. The visual idea of negative space is to use empty areas to depict a symbol, shape, or graphic. It can be a subtle effect or a very clear one that depends on what you’re aiming to achieve. Generally, negative space logos consist of two visuals, the one that surrounds and the one that is encased. The encased shape is the one-denominated negative space. FedEx, the logo appears straightforward right? But with a much closer look at the space between the E and X, you will see an arrow that is right facing. This arrow is a subliminal symbol for precision and speed. Negative space logos were just a trend, now they’re timeless. girl scouts, Spartan, MEDIVET, Carrefour, We Care, and Cloud Travel are some popular examples of Negative Space type logo design.

11. Mascot Logo
Mascot logos are fun and personable, but also limited. If your brand story involves a person or a unique personality, a mascot logo might be the right option. Mascots can be illustrated or simplified renditions of the brand’s ideal customer or who the customer aspires to be. KFC, Reddit, pringles, Wendy’s, MeetEdgar, and MICHELIN are some of the popular examples of Mascot type logo designs.

12. Abstract Logo
An abstract logo goes in a different direction instead of visually depicting a brand name or brand story. In some cases, it can start as a symbol and then transform into an abstract visual and at other times the abstraction is born on its own. It is just like a tattoo, you don’t want a logo that has no meaning or story behind it. Mitsubishi motors, Airbnb, TikTok, Spotify, Audi, Olympic, chase, bp, and PixelGo are some popular examples of Abstract type logo designs.

13. Dynamic Logo
A dynamic logo is one primary logo that can be adjusted or customized in endless ways. It only makes sense for a large brand that has enveloped other smaller brands, that reaches a wide diversity of people, or that will be showcased in different places. As your brand grows and your logo becomes more recognizable, then you can start adding dynamism to it. Add a gradient or a pattern where it’s usually one color. The City of Melbourne, OCAD University logo, and NORDKYN are some of the popular examples of Dynamic type logo design.

14. 3D Logo
Just like emblem logos, 3D logos will need a flat variation for use on touchpoints that won’t fit a 3D version and need to add perspective, shading, doubling up on shapes, and some highlights in just the right places. firefox, Sony Ericsson, XBOX360, NERF are some of popular example of 3D type logo design.

15. Animated Logo
Any logo can be animated, but not every animation will work. A 3D logo is used for video intros and outros on YouTube, to the end of your TikTok clips, or the opening title of your explainer videos.

Choose the Best Logo for Your Brand

Your branding might lean towards a “blending” approach or maybe you seek a unique and trendy style. Anyway, we are here to help you to make your logo and other design to establish your brand.